They Key(s) to Keywording

Keywording can quickly get out of control. And, you can vary between draconian and loosey-goosey, easily.

Enter this useful guide from MediaValet. An article of perfect length, it offers 14 best practices worthy of printing out and putting on your wall, if you are a digital librarian! IMHO, the last one may be the most important: Watch your spelling!

At the end, there’s also a link to a step-by-step guide (registration required) to implementing your DAM, and how it is like a bake sale.

A Better DAM RFP

Standard checkbox RFPs can cause problems down the line. To this end, has collected three approaches to RFPs that can help avoid some of the pitfalls, in “10 Steps To Writing An RFP For DAM.

The first is from Jens Lundgaard, Founder of DAM vendor Brandworkz, “How to write an RFP for a DAM and Web-to-Print system: A 10- step guide.

The second, “The Digital Asset Management RFP Conundrum” by Robin Parisse considers on some of the same issues.She writes:

The consensus is that the RFP process has merit, but is seriously broken. […] It is not only a necessary company policy and purchasing requirement, but also a means to educate internal stakeholders about digital asset management, media asset management, and how they can co­exist within an ecosystem in a variety of ways. Therefore, we can’t just toss out the RFP. But, we can shop and buy differently.

The third is from contributor, Ralph Windsor, “Purchasing Tips For Corporate DAM System Buyers“, a smorgasbord of caveats, potential gotchas and snags, things to watch out for when you are considering your RFP and purchase.