The third annual DAM Practitioners’ Summit from Insight Exchange Network. is coming up January 30th and 31st.  It is one of the best DAM conferences going, including great speakers and topics. Over the two days, the conference covers things like:

  • A selective approach to vendors
  • DAM case studies
  • Describing your DAM’s true value
  • DAM career development and networking
  • High quality, expert advice from heavy hitters like Condé Nast, the National Hockey League, Carnegie Hall, World Wildlife Fund, Universal Parks & Resorts, and Dell.

You can read more interesting topical agenda information here: https://www.insightxnetwork.com/creative-operations-conferences/coex-dam-practitioners-summit-jan-2020/agenda/

North Dakota Saves Big with DAM and CMS

North Dakota has centralized their image libraries across agencies, and implemented a CMS, in a model that makes a great case study when justifying, or continuing to explain your DAM to management.

The new system, www.medialibrary.nd.gov, consolidates disparate files that were largely siloed and only available to staff in individual agencies. Now those assets can be easily shared across Team ND and with the public – helping promote our state, culture and economy and elevate the Be Legendary brand with a strong, consistent state image. The public will now have access to thousands of North Dakota images, royalty-free, to use however they wish. This tool can also be leveraged by nonprofits.

“The cross-agency team members who worked together to initiate, develop and deploy this cloud-based tool are leading the state’s approach to a more unified and holistic digital presence,” said North Dakota Chief Reinvention Officer Kevin Parker. “Our team has a wealth of ideas for improving service delivery, and this specific example alone will save a projected $250,000 over the next five years.”