5 Confessions of a DAM Vendor – Fantastic Article

With all apologies to Crocodile Dundee, now this is an article!

No three-light-paragraphs of fluff, but a rich, full-featured essay on how your salesperson is probably shining you on.

Written by Kevin Groome, Founder of CampaignDrive by Pica9, this fantastic article reviews 5 critical sales issues salespeople face when trying to get you to buy their product, with rich, in-depth analysis of the problems you will face post-purchase, in in-dept subheadings:

  • Confession #1: DAM is not “user-friendly.”
  • Confession #2: User Adoption is usually not well defined in DAM, and even less often properly measured.
  • Confession #3: Most claims of performance in DAM are based on insufficient data.
  • Confession #4: DAM integrations are not always “plug and play.”
  • Confession #5: Our DAM isn’t the single source of truth.

Very refreshing to see such an honest and detailed work about some uncomfortable truths you’ll face when deciding upon and implementing a DAM. Required reading for your research!

DAM Comes to the Weed Industry.

And, yeah, I’m sure they really, really would rather it was referred to as the cannabis industry.

Now, on the lighter side of DAM news, yet, illustrating how the US cannabis revolution collides with the remarkable growth in the worldwide DAM market, there is now a weed-focused DAM company called dammabis. In an article from New York citybizlist, we read that:

“Based in Peapack, N.J., dammabis offers an efficient, affordable means for cannabis companies to arrange for the secure storage, organizing and retrieval of the full range of media assets and safeguarding digital rights through a Digital Asset Management (DAM) software system.”

dammabis is a subsidiary of RPR Graphics, which has been creating and managing digital and analog assets for 60+ years for national retailers, big pharma, and small businesses…”[…b]oth dammabis and RPR share deep experience assisting in-house creative teams as well as marketing and brand management groups.”

Apparently, the exploding growth in cannabis retailing presents these companies with the same challenges that most other DAM clients are facing:

According to Frank DeCarlo, founder and CEO of dammabis, “We’re amazed by innovative content that cannabis companies have created to produce powerful digital marketing campaigns. One factor that slows down content development is the creative team’s inability to rapidly find and access their media assets. But that’s where dammabis and its services only begins, as it can secure and store signage for a dispensary and franchise content, lab testing procedures, farming and harvesting instructional videos, etc., where content is used and where we can help solve the core ‘findability and rights’ problems.

This niche market presents some unique challenges, not the least of which is dealing with clients that deal on a cash basis, because the federal government still considers weed a schedule 1 narcotic and won’t let them open bank accounts. A SaaS offering with a web-based front end, dammabis solves typical DAM-related issues and seems to be a fairly normal if niche provider of DAM services: they have a slick, if slightly trippy, website that covers all the basics: a decent feature set, a bunch of stock photos of definitely not-stoned people working on systems and in meetings, and even a desktop management solution.

So, there’s that.