The third annual DAM Practitioners’ Summit from Insight Exchange Network. is coming up January 30th and 31st.  It is one of the best DAM conferences going, including great speakers and topics. Over the two days, the conference covers things like:

  • A selective approach to vendors
  • DAM case studies
  • Describing your DAM’s true value
  • DAM career development and networking
  • High quality, expert advice from heavy hitters like Condé Nast, the National Hockey League, Carnegie Hall, World Wildlife Fund, Universal Parks & Resorts, and Dell.

You can read more interesting topical agenda information here: https://www.insightxnetwork.com/creative-operations-conferences/coex-dam-practitioners-summit-jan-2020/agenda/

What a Lede!


The uncomfortable truth about DAM is it takes a lot of effort, it costs more money than anticipated, it needs more resources than planned, and needs more pre-DAM strategy and effort to make it all work.

 brings the Big Picture and the hard truths about Digital Asset Management in a pleasantly rich article fo those of you setting out on your DAM journey.  Required reading.