Article roundup, March 6: Taxonomy and Search, DAM Relationship, SaaS Video DAM

We present three articles for your reading pleasure and attention.

Heather Hedden, our favorite taxonomist, has a new article out on the blog: “Taxonomies in Support of Search” on the relationship between taxonomy and searching.

She covers Faceted search/browse, Post-search refinements, and the rise of Knowledge graphs.

John Horodyski has offered up “What is Your DAM Relationship Status,” driving to the need to have a relationship with your DAM that:

  • Embodies and facilitates responsiveness and agility.
  • Anticipates managing content beyond classically defined digital assets.
  • Fosters greater user interactivity and collaboration across the enterprise.
  • Serves as a single source of truth in the organization, and as such helps quantify the value of digital assets, through their discovery, use and reuse in daily operations.

It drives to the point that a a DAM is not a project – a project, by definition, has a beginning, a middle, and an end. A DAM, on the other hand, has an ongoing need for time and investment, and notes that,

“As an energetic force, DAM will accelerate the conversation between business and consumer. DAM should be viewed as a constant connection between people, processes and technology.”

Rowena Lindsay on has an article worth some time on a company called Mediavine: How Mediavine succeeded with cloud digital asset management.

“Within Mediavine’s interface, its customers are able to upload images and videos directly to Cloudinary. Cloudinary then takes care of transcoding, thumbnail creation and video processing, as well as image manipulations such as cropping, sizing and rotation. […] there aren’t many companies that do all of those services.”

Browsing through LinkedIn today, I came across Another DAM Podcast, where there is an interview with Rebecca Schneider, Twitter: @RebeccaDeclares,  who ‘helps organizations understand their content, advocates for realistic solutions and evaluate those implemented solutions over time.’  She discusses challenges, ‘tagging an empathy’, and some other interesting DAM topics, and thought you should know.

It has quite a few good podcasts, as well, however, their titles are not indicative of the content, which is frustrating.