DAM Market Trends and Implications for 2019

Digital Asset News has a pleasantly dense article by Ralph Windsor, DAM News Editor and Project Director of DAM Consultants, Daydream. titled Trends in the Current DAM Market and the Implications For 2019.  It discusses challenges in DAM market “pedestrian growth and “scalability,” product overlap, the rise of digital asset supply chains,

To my delight, he wrote this:

“The ability to integrate, adapt and re-configure platforms without creating completely custom solutions will become the key battleground for vendors.”

It also touches on the decline of DAM Lite, and the turn toward a ‘buyer’s market’. Good read!

DAM News, November 20, 2018: Aprimo BI Tools, Widen Blogs Well

Aprimo sent out a press release announcing some new Budget Allocation tools, and some business intelligence tools they are calling “Aprimo Insights”. They have an interesting sparkly catchphrase in there that amused me:

“A Low-Code Integration Platform – Aprimo’s new Low-Code Integration Platform enables access to 200+ integration points, so enterprises can expedite and customize their organization’s required integrations.”

Hard not to be curious about their definition of “Low-Code.”

And, Widen’s Blog continues to present thoughtful articles, with increasingly rich content, on the practicalities of DAM implementation, usage, and management, with a useful article titled “The Essential Guide for DAM Admins” by Nate Holmes: