Your Dam Prep List by John Horodyski

John Horodyski over at Widen’s blog has published Your DAM Prep List, a decent addition to your library of checklists, summarizing some points of attention required Before (B.D.), During (D.D.) and After (A.D.) you implement your DAM.

Given the number of Market analyses predicting monster growth in the DAM field, it will be useful to have a organized library of articles that include this one!

Maintenance Tasks

This article from Widen’s Blog, How Often Should a DAM Admin… starts to give you an idea of the tasks related to keeping the DAM machine humming along.  It is by no means comprehensive, but it addresses a few good areas such as:

  • How often should I update the system dashboard?
  • How often should I review the user list?
  • How often should I archive assets?

It also includes triggers and tasks, which are nifty details.

Some other things that should go on a regular task list, not included and not limited to:

  • Auditing security and permissions
  • Reviewing and testing backups
  • (and documenting these for Sarbanes Oxley)
  • Reviewing usage logs to tune user experience, and look for errors and exceptions.
  • Reviewing tagging and taxonomy.