If A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words…

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a well-built and run DAM system for a company with a lot of assets… well, the numbers can get uncomfortable. (Just look at what $20 trillion dollars actually looks like.)

And courtesy of TechCrunch, here are a couple of very interesting pictures, illustrating a fascinating article named “Videos Lead Brand Creative Growth With 3x Increase Since 2017”, by James Winter, concerning asset growth trends, the shelf-life of assets, and the shift toward video.

On the shelf life of a digital asset:

In 2016-2017, the average asset shelf life was 395 days. From 2017-2018, it was 280 days

And here’s a doozy that should convince you to spend 10 minutes reading and considering a subscription:

Do a Few Things Well, Not Many Things Badly

When you are implementing your DAM, you are introducing a large change into your organization. Companies have a limited capacity for change, and if you are leading the charge, in order to succeed, you should be mindful of several things.

Do a few things well, rather than many things badly.

We in IT all have limited resources to complete projects. Even given large amounts of money, staff for development and training, outside/vendor resources for fixes and adaptations, the people inside, your customers, that are using a new DAM or related system still have to do their daily jobs, go on summer break, and sleep.

They are dealing at the same time with other changes, like OS and MS Office upgrades, laptops filled with spilled coffee, customers of their own who want things yesterday, and filling out expense reports. So, try not to shove too much change through your company at any given time, or you can impede its core mission, or even break it.

Along those lines, there is this short article, 3 Ways to Help Workers Embrace Digital Change, from CMSWires’ Simon Slade  who specializes in training. He recommends the following principles:

1. Be Explicit About Benefits
2. It Starts With Training
3. Make Support Available in Excess