DAM Chicago 2019 – September 24th!

Henry Stewart Conferences is gearing up for DAM Chicago 2019, on September 24th, and its about time to start registering, getting tickets, a hotel room, that sort of thing, so this is a good week to spend some time organizing!

Registration and info at the link above!

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Few businesses remain untouched – from CPGs, media, leisure and retail, to healthcare, education, cultural heritage and government. Whether you are installing your first system, an early stage user or a mature practitioner determined not to overlook the most up-to-date innovations there is knowledge here and insights aplenty.

Where Does a DAM System Fit in the Big Picture?

A DAM supports a bigger picture in a company. This is why the DAM market is booming… if all those “market reports” that come out are to be believed – and given how many of them there are, and how expensive just the reports are, it’s hard to doubt. As we’ve noted before, a DAM system is part of a marketing and management system to assist in communications of all sorts in an increasingly diverse environment made up of many types of media.

As Jake Athey cogently points out in Marketing Tech News, in “How digital asset management takes immersive marketing strategies to the next level“, the intent of these combined tools is marketing. To reach and retain customers today requires a mix of tools and expertise across a broad spectrum.

Immersive marketing is the use of a mix of methods (advertising, public relations, word-of-mouth, digital marketing, partnerships and more) to ‘surround the consumer’ with a consistent message about a brand.

It is not enough to have a searchable library of images. A DAM system must track usage, rights, create value in its connectivity to other marketing tools, and demonstrate utility in its diversity… a tall order, but, as this article points out:

Immersive marketing works when there is consistent storytelling across all channels. This brand consistency ultimately comes down to knowing what digital assets are available, which assets need to be created, and where these assets should be shared.

A truly useful DAM is a tool that exists as part of a tool that serves marketing, and isn’t an end in and of itself.

Digital asset management (DAM) systems help marketers to store, organise and find their content easily. As a centralised dashboard that manages the adaptation, distribution, and re-use of digital assets, it unlocks the opportunity for teams to focus on the tasks they need to, while designing more impactful marketing campaigns with proven ROI.