They Key(s) to Keywording

Keywording can quickly get out of control. And, you can vary between draconian and loosey-goosey, easily.

Enter this useful guide from MediaValet. An article of perfect length, it offers 14 best practices worthy of printing out and putting on your wall, if you are a digital librarian! IMHO, the last one may be the most important: Watch your spelling!

At the end, there’s also a link to a step-by-step guide (registration required) to implementing your DAM, and how it is like a bake sale.

Enterprise Content Buying (ECB)

The reliable, consistent and articulate Ralph Windsor has written “Why Enterprise Content Buying Will Become an Essential Component of Marketing Content Digital Asset Supply Chains.

He starts, as you should, on flow: integration, interconnection, workflow, process: “Process, process, process,” is the new “Location, location, location.”

For many organisations, their current content digital asset supply chain is built using an ad-hoc collection of connectors, custom API scripts and ‘belt and braces’ approaches like CSV imports. These all create major bottlenecks and increased complexity which slow down both the implementation process and the distribution of digital assets.

A point he makes is that these old-fashioned methods are no longer sufficient to support todays complex, high-speed business needs.

Then, he goes into delightful detail on a critical emerging component: Enterprise Content Buying.

Enterprise Content Buying (ECB) completes one of the key missing links in enterprise content digital asset supply chains. How is this achieved? To answer this question, it is necessary to understand that the ECB concept works on two different levels.

In fact, they are holding a Webinar on the topic, Jan. 28.

Read on for more.