Upcoming DAM Conferences this year from Henry Stewart

Henry Stewart Conferences DAM Division has 4 conferences coming up, actually two pairs, one set in NYC and the other in London, plus some great webinars:

On March 5th, in London, and May 2nd, in New York City, there is a conference called  Creative Operations – Earning its Long Overdue Place in the Limelight:

The importance of ‘Creative Operations’ – the tools, systems and methods that maximise productivity in the creative process – is being increasingly recognised by leading organisations. Although some in Europe are not yet using the term, many are utilising the approach to make workflow improvements, deliver cost efficiencies and ultimately accelerate their creative production. What was considered a back office function, is fast becoming a key driver in the production of great creative work.

The New York Conference overlaps with the May 2-3 DAM NY 2019, The Art & Practice of Managing Digital Media – all from the user’s perspective. This conference moves to London on June 27-28, presumably with a European bent. If anyone is allowed to travel to London.

As the world’s largest conference dedicated to Digital Asset Management, DAM New York is a unique environment to exchange knowledge, share experiences and build long lasting professional networks. Join 100+ speakers across 60+ sessions covering Metadata, Integration, AI, Automation, Creative Operations, Corporate Archives, Video Workflow, Rights Management, Semantics, Governance and more.

Over the past 16 years at this event, we’ve seen, discussed and explored everything DAM – all from the user’s perspective. Always striving to cover the latest thinking and new developments in the field, we are excited to announce a wide range of brand new content for DAM NY 2019.

Well attended, focused on this specific niche, these are some of the best conferences for DAM pros to invest in.

If you can’t travel for some reason, they have half-a-dozen webinars from January 23 to February 14, which are good for specific topics: Making Assets Dynamic, Creative Operations, DAM in the Content Supply Chain, Rules of the Road to One Source of Truth which is an interesting use-case webinar about the work of Jaguar Land Rover and Spark44, and Finding the DAM to love – for the long term.

CMSWire: How IT Leaders and Teams Can Win Big in 2019

How IT Leaders and Teams Can Win Big in 2019 is a new Webinar on Wednesday, January 16,  from CMSWire.  It is interesting because it is partly about why CTO/CIO turnover is so high: sadly, marketing, making a big splash, what-have-you-donefor-me-lately, we want results, can you quantify that. In the end, it is about being well-rounded, and capable of showing your value, while you get great things done, unless you want to be replaced. And it is free.

Forrester estimates that 20% of CTOs will be replaced in 2019 due to lack of results, making it more important than ever that IT teams have a high impact plan that is ready to execute. This becomes harder to do as new tech stack options appear daily, employee needs grow, and budgets get squeezed.

With the right priorities and roadmap, an IT team can create more bandwidth that will allow them to free up their budget for additional projects, focus on strategic initiatives and reduce repetitive IT tasks. So where should IT Decision Makers spend their 2019 time and resources?

Join us for a live, hour-long webinar with industry leaders Paul Gentile (Product Marketing, Jive Communications), GoToMeeting, and Chris Savio (Product Marketing Manager, Prompt AI) to learn how you can achieve operational efficiencies in 2019, as well as access a special offer that is saving businesses thousands in IT expenses.

Wednesday, January 16 at 10am PT/ 1pm ET/ 7pm CET

This webinar will cover how to:

  • Use practical AI to eliminate IT time suck
  • Replace legacy tech with a reliable cloud foundation
  • Scale & support a growing remote workforce