On Licensing a Taxonomy

Heather Hedden has just written on data and topical information she’s gathered about licensing a taxonomy, as a way to start and customize a controlled vocabulary for controlling your assets, titled Taxonomy Licensing Interest.

She found that most companies would prefer a custom taxonomy, or, found the ones they liked too expensive; and she goes into some fantastic detail that resulted from her six-month survey on the topic.

The most interesting parts follow, including Subject Areas, such as business information or science & math or finance; Purpose, such as ecommerce, education, or internal research; formats, such as XML or JSON; and her conclusions – have a read, we hope you’ll find it rewarding!

Key DAM Themes of 2019

Ralph Windsor has an apropos summary of key 2019 DAM Themes, at DAMNews, many of them quite cheering: Read the whole article to learn more about these:

– 2019 has seen an ongoing increase in the significance of digital asset supply chains for DAM users.
– The role of resellers, integrators and channel partners has become more important.
– The overall DAM software market has not grown significantly.
– There has been some consolidation in the DAM software industry, but it is still very fragmented with no single entity controlling more than 3-4% (at most).
– DAM vendors have given up any attempts to scale user volumes and instead have focused on chasing enterprise business (smaller number of higher value customers) or professional services.
– Commodity AI image recognition has largely been abandoned as an ineffectual gimmick by many DAM users.
– There has been a massive increase in demand for skilled Digital Asset Managers (the human kind) and the complexity or skill level of the role has also risen correspondingly.
– Pay rates for contract Digital Asset Managers (or those acting as consultants) have increased as more of them have found out how much they can earn by swapping permanent roles for freelance ones.