On Licensing a Taxonomy

Heather Hedden has just written on data and topical information she’s gathered about licensing a taxonomy, as a way to start and customize a controlled vocabulary for controlling your assets, titled Taxonomy Licensing Interest.

She found that most companies would prefer a custom taxonomy, or, found the ones they liked too expensive; and she goes into some fantastic detail that resulted from her six-month survey on the topic.

The most interesting parts follow, including Subject Areas, such as business information or science & math or finance; Purpose, such as ecommerce, education, or internal research; formats, such as XML or JSON; and her conclusions – have a read, we hope you’ll find it rewarding!

Is the DAM Market Growing, or Not?

Ralph Windsor has written a feature article over at digitalassetmanagementnews.org, talking about the DAM Market, and why there is strong growth in the need for Digital Asset Managers, while there seems to be no or modest growth in the DAM market. Every day, I get a Google news scraping of articles on the topic of DAM, and every day, most of the tagged news items are Gartner-like market analyses proclaiming Massive, Huge, Amazing Growth! in the DAM market, which Ralph (and Charles Russell) hilariously debunked in this article, noting that people who write Market Research articles predicting huge growth stand to make a lot of money from completely unreliable “research reports” that predict “Massive, Huge, Amazing Growth!”

The good news is, there’s strong demand for experienced DAM Managers. The bad news is, they may be first up against the wall come belt-tightening time, and, there’s little real innovation in the DAM market, with AI tagging turning out to be a lot of sales hype, and some software vendors reverting to maintenance mode. Well worth reading both articles if you are in the field in any way.