Video, Video, Video

Widen has a decent article on Branded Video. If you are planning your DAM purely around images, you are going to be caught in a bad place. This one is about branded video content:

Branded video is marketing content that’s sponsored or created by a brand that — while sharing in the brand’s values — does not directly advertise or promote the brand. It aims to monetize on positive association, rather than self-promotion. So, while branded video is not a traditional ad or marketing promo, it often shares the same end goal of driving audience action (typically in the form of sales).

Need an example? Okay, think about “The Lego Movie.” Technically this is a branded video — albeit a multi-million dollar branded video (with not so subtle product placement), but still a branded video.

It discusses five branded video advantages, tips for creation, and how fast it is growing, but it leaves out some info I’d like to have seen about how it is best planned for, how it might affect your storage planning and costs, and how you tag/develop metadata for something that has 30 frames per second. Maybe there’s an article about these topics out there? Or one coming?

Some Basics from TechTarget

Although it is basic stuff, TechTarget has an article on what DAM is about and how it can work, with a few unique insights into how it can be useful.

One interesting bit is a “Quick Guide” that is a one-sheet table for 24 different different vendors, outlining their underlying technologies, pricing models, and deployment types.

Read more at: Digital asset management benefits the future of work.