CMSWire: What Does DAM Do?

Fundamentals: It is important to define scope in a project, and even more so in a program. This useful article covers some of the basics for you, and should go in your reading/research library. Make clear to your consituents and stakeholders that it isn’t supposed to be all things to all people:

A DAM colleague recently observed, as DAM matures within the organization and becomes popular outside the core DAM users, they think DAM will solve all their problems, and that everything should be there.” I’ve heard this astute observation many times before. Ultimately, it’s about the intent and purpose of the DAM and its maturity within the organization. What does a DAM do anyway? Figuring out where the DAM begins and ends definitely can vary from organization to organization. The question then becomes, “What does this DAM do, and what is it good for?”

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