Searching is Easy, Finding is Hard – Tomorrow Tue. 6/18: 9AM P/12PM E/5PM B/6PM C

We draw your attention today to Henry Stewart’s webinars, in particular one tomorrow titled, “Searching is easy, finding is hard.”  While Google seems to have mastered search-and-find, not everyone shares their expertise and bevy of talented programmers. (Why hasn’t Google muscled into the DAM Market, I wonder?)

In the event, this webinar takes place tomorrow, 9 AM Pacific.

Some new articles on DAM Metadata and the value of digital assets.

I can personally attest to the difficulty of setting up Google AdWords so that cryptocurrency portfolio management is a negative keyword. NetX has a brief article on this:

“Digital asset management is also a term being adopted to discuss the management of cryptocurrency. Recent searches for DAM content turn up many articles about managing cryptocurrency portfolios. A question occurred to our team one day, could our industry be headed for a change in the naming convention that defines our field?”

It is thin on substance, but struck a chord with me.

On a related note, Ken Christie has written an article on LinkedIn emphasizing the point that a company literally IS its Digital Assets.

“How it presents and stays relevant and engaging to its audiences is a reflection of how well it articulates its structure and hierarchy of assets to reflect its organizational requirements, its product/service, Industries/markets, and marketing/sales structure and processes. It must be right or nothing else works.”