A DAM system that manages pig’s faces and voices helps track swine flu in China

There’s a DAM that tracks Pig’s faces in China.

@suilee and @elsiechenyi write in the NY Times about China’s Tech Firms mapping pig faces (and using voice recognition, looking for coughs,)…

“…as In this Year of the Pig, many Chinese hogs are dying from a deadly swine disease, threatening the country’s supply of pork, a staple of Chinese dinner tables.”

““You can’t take a single picture of a pig,” said Mr. He, who is trying to add to his database of more than 200,000 pig images. He said his technology, which is being used in a pig farm in the southern region of Guangxi, won’t eliminate swine fever but could help farmers detect it sooner.”

Selecting and Implementing the DAM Solution That’s Right for You – Marc Marsocci

Molly Hamm has written a valuable article/podcast for the Widen Blog titled “Selecting and Implementing the DAM Solution That’s Right for You – Marc Marsocci”.

It is most interesting because it starts off with a failed DAM implementation for 250,000 digital images and 1,500 videos – one that did not function as “advertised,” at the Mariners’ Museum and Park, in Newport News, Virginia, wasting nearly a year on an inappropriate system  Once they got on track, eliminating duplicates and applying proper taxonomy, they reduced their asset count by 50%.

They highlight the importance of doing your research! They discuss lessons learned about preparing for migration, the value of a series of soft, limited launches, advice for tackling permissions and roles, and their future plans for the API. Very useful stuff, indeed, well worth your time.