Widen Blog: WestJet Corrals 4m Digital Assets

In the vein of Getting Off On The Right Foot, Widen’s blog  has a good article from Serai Schueller (links to other good articles by her there) with titled “Lessons From a Heroic Implementation – Scott Sharp” about Canadian Airline WestJet  … also available as a longer Podcast. They go over six basic steps that are critical, with some considerations for each. Good food for thought.

  1. Establish success metrics
  2. Put the right people in place
  3. Focus on the most effective assets first
  4. Build a strong system structure
  5. Understand how DAM fits into your technology stack
  6. Plan your launch

They note that it took “a nearly five-year process of selling [Scott Sharp’s] executive team on the value of DAM software,” and, finding 4 million assets on their network: interesting metrics.

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