DAM Guru Program Meetup at 2nd Annual DAM Summit 2019, NYC

The DAM Guru Program will be having a meetup at the 2nd Annual Digital Asset Management Summit 2019 (sign-up at link), hosted in NYC by Insight Exchange Network. The conference takes place on January 24th -25th, to ‘highlight and elevate the importance of effective digital asset management strategies for the enterprise,’ and the meetup will be to exchange info and discuss topics, and, apparently, have cocktails.

Taxonomy Licensing by Heather Hedden

Heather Hedden, of Accidental Taxonomist book and blog fame, published a new article on licensing taxonomies.  She discusses a surprising variety of unexpected issues you can face without a thoughtful, customized taxonomy and she provides resources where you can find open-source, or license, taxonomies and controlled vocabularies, including the Taxonomy Warehouse, and the University of Basel Library, the Basel Register of Thesauri, Ontologies & Classifications (BARTOC). .

There is also a multiple-choice survey, which results she will post.

RFP Advice Roundup from the Web

Here’s a decent list of articles and templates from around the web here in one handy spot!

How to Write an RFP for a Digital Asset Management System: A 10-Step Guide

How to write an RFP for a DAM and Web-to-Print system: A 10- step guide

7 Tips to Improve Your Marketing Technology ‘Request For Proposals’ (RFP)

Gartner’s Top 19 Enterprise Digital Asset Management Solutions


Digital Asset Management RFP Questions

A $499 “Report Package” called Develop Your Own In-House DAM Vendor Selection Expertise

Develop Your Own In-House DAM Vendor Selection Expertise

This is an interesting one, not sure what their angle is, yet: Smartsheet’s

Expert Advice on Choosing the Digital Asset Management System That’s Right for Your Company

Vendor templates:

Widen’s Considerations and questions for your DAM request for proposal
Understanding RFI’s and RFP’s:

Understanding RFI’s and RFP’s

Bynder’s Download the free Digital Asset Management RFP Template (Download w/ Registration)

MediaBeacon’s Digital Asset Management RFP Template

NorthPlain’s RFP Template for Digital Asset Management

RFP Template for Digital Asset Management