Dom Nicastro of CMSWire on Unfortunate Buzzwords

Dom Nicastro over at CMSWire has written a great post on The 15 Worst Marketing Buzzwords of 2018 which we heartily recommend. I’m pretty sure there’s a whole soliloquy by George Carlin that could be made from these and a dozen more, but it’s actually a cogent look at the kinds of words to avoid in sales or business conversations, along with the phrases “…let me be honest with you,” and “…with all due respect,”.


DAM News, November 20, 2018: Aprimo BI Tools, Widen Blogs Well

Aprimo sent out a press release announcing some new Budget Allocation tools, and some business intelligence tools they are calling “Aprimo Insights”. They have an interesting sparkly catchphrase in there that amused me:

“A Low-Code Integration Platform – Aprimo’s new Low-Code Integration Platform enables access to 200+ integration points, so enterprises can expedite and customize their organization’s required integrations.”

Hard not to be curious about their definition of “Low-Code.”

And, Widen’s Blog continues to present thoughtful articles, with increasingly rich content, on the practicalities of DAM implementation, usage, and management, with a useful article titled “The Essential Guide for DAM Admins” by Nate Holmes: