Monday Update

I’ve spent the last few weeks doing research on DAM and EAM. I’ve looked into lists of vendors, read white papers, signed up for press releases, read rather a lot.

Some good categories for evaluation of a DAM or EAM system that made my list are:

  • Company Name
  • Financial Health
  • Offering\Platform: Unix, SaS, Win, Open Source, APIs
  • Support Model
  • Implementation Complexity
  • Use complexity: End User, Admin, Asset Ingestion
  • Learning Curve
  • Cost model
  • Licensing controls, Rights Management
  • Scale/target number of users
  • Simplicity of tagging

There are a large number of vendors. CMSWire has a satisfying list of about 130 solutions, on the fine site DAMNews, and a useful Glossary of terms, and there are articles on Wikipedia, and tons of expensive market research. There are systems for video and photograph management for individual users, small and large and massive companies, systems for streaming video on vast scales, systems that companies sell because they developed their own and thought it was pretty neat.

Assembling data on these has been interesting; as an IT Director, I’ve led the evaluation of products, and adoption, implementation, and run of  Canto Cumulus, and MediaBeacon R3volution, and Xinet tools,  at a large pharmaceutical advertising agency.

I will continue to research, and share my observations, encounters, and opinions; may they be of use to you.


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